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Jacarda Smith

Jarcarda Smith


Infectious Diseases, Primary Care

Meet Jacarda

Jacarda Smith is the Lead Medical Assistant at AvitaCare Atlanta. She brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of infectious disease treatment and primary care. She earned her Medical Assistant Certification from Ultrasound Diagnostic School in 2002. She completed her prerequisite credits for Nursing at Georgia Perimeter College. A passionate medical professional and a talented entertainer, Jacarda is a lead singer for the Tyme Flyte Band and performs around Atlanta in various stage plays and musicals.

“I hold myself to three professional values: Integrity, Compassion and Dependability. My motto is ‘Be the change you want to see.’”

Quick Facts about Jacarda

  • Medical Assistant for 22 years
  • Certified MA from Ultrasound Diagnostic School 2002
  • Completed Nursing Prerequisites at Georgia Perimeter
  • Lead Singer for Tyme Flyte Band
  • Stage Play and Musical Performer


“Very easy to talk to.”
“She is really compassionate.”

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