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Comprehensive Care for Men: AvitaCare Atlanta

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month and the perfect time to make your well-being a priority. If you identify as a man, you may already know that comprehensive, compassionate care is the key to feeling your best. But where can you find the right treatment or even the right doctor? Although prioritizing health is important, […]

Erin Everett: Cultivating an Inclusive Community through Health Care

AvitaCare Atlanta is always expanding services, and we are happy to welcome a new Nurse Practitioner, Erin Everett, NP-C, AAHIVS, Primary Care Provider and Certified HIV Specialist. She is passionate about providing a safe, comfortable environment for her patients to receive care. A wife and mother of two, Erin holds degrees in Psychology and Nursing […]

Creating a Welcoming Space: “We Treat People Like People, not a Number.” 

Physician Assistant Jewel Sawyer’s passion for LGBTQ+ and HIV care brought her to AvitaCare Atlanta, where “compassion and collaboration go hand in hand.”  From the start of her career as a physician assistant at a reproductive health care clinic to her current role at AvitaCare Atlanta (Avita Care Solutions’ community-focused medical center and pharmacy), Jewel […]

Improving HIV Education for Women

Historically, women have not been educated about HIV risk. Because of this, women have not been studied in some significant clinical trials for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP ), which prevents HIV. They have also been left out of studies on anti-retroviral treatment (ART), which suppresses HIV. Women like Freda Jones are trying to change that.   Recent […]

Suicide Prevention Starts with Us: Heal Your Mind

TW: This article has a mention of suicide. In honor of National Suicide Prevention Month, we are exploring mental health in the Atlanta Community. While many communities in Georgia do not have appropriate mental health support by national standards, AvitaCare Atlanta is working to change that in our community. AvitaCare Atlanta provides comprehensive mental health […]

Ozempic, Wegovy—Diabetes and Weight Loss Management

This blog was reviewed by Avita Care Solutions Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chris Hall, MD New frontiers in weight management In recent years, there have been exciting developments in the field of obesity medicine and weight management. A new class of injectable medications approved for obesity has provided a new treatment option for those struggling […]

Where You Fill Matters: AvitaCare Atlanta Pharmacy Services 

AvitaCare Atlanta is your friendly, comfortable, community health care hub offering quality care with the people you know and trust. Avita Pharmacy’s specially trained teams’ partner with your health care provider to deliver expert, personalized pharmacy care. Located onsite for fast and convenient prescription pickup or discreet delivery setup.  The importance of cost-effective, comprehensive pharmaceutical […]