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Inclusive Primary & Specialty Care

Offering patients compassionate primary and specialty health care services. We are committed to serving the whole you!

Trusted in the community for over 20 years, we provide coordinated services to empower your health.

Receive care with out a label. Our Specialty Care providers specialize in Infectious Disease Treatment as well as Gender-affirming care. Receive low-to-no cost PrEP, same-day PEP, and judgment-free testing and treatment for HIV, HCV, and STIs.

We offer a wide range primary care services to meet your or your family’s health and wellness needs in one place, and often even within the same appointment!

Convenient and confidential onsite tests mean you can often receive results and begin discussing prevention or treatment before you leave our clinic.

We provide health management services for the whole you, including social work, case management, and nutrition counseling.

Together, AvitaCare and MedCura Health are more than just a clinic. We are a comprehensive health care center for all your health and wellness needs.



Erin Everett sheds light on how a holistic approach to well-being creates space to become healthier.
There’s no power in the unknown, only fear. We offer confidential testing. Empower your health by learning more.

We offer in-person and telehealth care by the nation’s leading providers in HIV treatment.

Our StoryQuilt

At AvitaCare Atlanta, we are deeply committed to providing the best HIV and AIDS treatment for everyone. We treat each patient with compassion and understanding.

Take a look at our World AIDS Day StoryQuilt™, compelling narratives woven together by people united in care.

Dr. Robinson Talks HIV & STI Prevention on ANF ATL Live Show

Onsite pharmacy care you can trust

Avita Pharmacy’s specially trained teams partner with your health care provider to deliver expert, personalized pharmacy care. Located onsite for fast and convenient prescription pickup or discreet delivery setup.