Refer a Patient to AvitaCare

At AvitaCare we welcome the opportunity to assist in the care of your patients. Our team work with you to provide the best comprehensive care options for your patient. We also offer continued care throughout our communities, to provide convenience for our patients to receive inclusive care.

For more information about our services and providers, please contact us at 404-231-4431 or learn more about our compassionate care staff on the our team page on our website.

Get to Know Our Providers:

Men's Health

Dr. Quintin Robinson

Morehouse School of Medicine

Terry Hackworth

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Baron Keith Hood

Mercer University

Dr. Michael Brown

University of Florida

Mark Hebert

Kennesaw State University

Family Medicine

Dr. Shannon Ashley

Boston University School of Medicine

Transgender Health

Jewel Sawyer

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Anxiety, depression and Trauma, PTSD

Ajani Johnson

University of the District of Columbia

Support Services

Dr. Rod Stewart

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

Alene E Albritton

Georgia State University

Kyle Jones

WellStar School of Nursing, Kennesaw State University

Pristella Ohanaja

University of Cincinnati, Ohio